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select your modem: Zyxel VDSL Bridge VMG1312 Bridge0.00
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Internet Flex SOHO | up to 25 Mbit/s Download and 5 Mbit/s Upload35.00
static IPv4 addresses (optional) : 4 static IPs10.00
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Internet Flex SOHO | up to 25 Mbit/s Download and 5 Mbit/s Upload

Internet SOHO is the Internet solution that adapts to your needs. Ideal for home or small office. And best of all, you get a static IPv6 /56 network when you get static IPv4 addresses for free!

Have fun with the combination.

CHF 35.00
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ZyXEL's VMG1312 bridge is a preconfigured VDSL2 router for analog connections. In bridge mode, another device (typically a firewall) is used to establish PPPoE authentication. The public IP address is forwarded directly to the router / firewall. All data packets without intelligent routing are transported from one network interface to the other.

For security reasons, a WLAN function is often not desired in the use as a bridge before a firewall with the VDSL router. For this reason, the WLAN function has been deactivated and can not be activated again by means of a WLAN button on the housing or via the configuration settings.