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Dedicated Server Premium Base Model 2220.00
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IP Adresses (incl. IPv6 /64 Net): /29 subnet (8 IP adresses, 5 usable)0.00
1 Gb/s bandwidth (inclusiv - fair use)0.00
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How to create the perfect server

Tip 1 - hard drives
No more than 8 hard drives can be installed per server. You can combine HDD and SSD, such as 2 x 1.6 TB SSD and 6 x 1.2 TB HDD disks. We recommend installing at least two hard drives of the same type in the server for a RAID 1.

Tip 2 - RAM
The basic model already comes with 32 GB RAM installed. If you need 128 GB RAM, for example, you only need to order three extra modules. For two CPUs, the RAM modules have to be evenly distributed across the RAM banks.

Tip 3 - power supply
All racks in our data center are equipped with two independent power feeds. You can boost your server's availability considerably by adding a second power supply.
Dedicated Server Premium Base Model 2

With Intel Gold 12 Core CPU and a 32 GB RAM module

1 GBit/s bandwidth incl. 8x IPv4 addresses (3 of them usable) and one IPv6 /64 network

CHF 220.00
RAM extension (32GB modules)
 CHF 28.50
Second CPU incl. cooling
 CHF 122.50
HDD / SSD memory (max. 8 drives per server)
 CHF 30.90
 CHF 48.80
 CHF 90.50
 CHF 15.60
 CHF 20.00
Additional power supply 800W
 CHF 7.90