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Dedicated Server Premium Base Model 1183.40
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IP Adresses (incl. IPv6 /64 Net): /29 subnet (8 IP adresses, 5 usable)0.00
1 Gb/s bandwidth (inclusive - fair use)0.00
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Dedicated Server Premium Basis Modell 1

With Intel Silver 8 Core CPU and a 32 GB RAM module

1 GBit/s bandwidth incl. 8x IPv4 addresses (3 of them usable) and one IPv6 /64 network

CHF 183.40
RAM extension (32GB modules)
 CHF 28.50
Second CPU incl. Heatsink
 CHF 76.70
HDD / SSD memory (max. 8 drives per server)
 CHF 15.60
 CHF 20.00
 CHF 30.90
 CHF 48.80
 CHF 90.50
Additional power supply 800W
 CHF 7.90